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Andrew Brons – Buckingham Palace Garden Party 2014 - with interview Featured

16th June 2014: Andrew received his third invitation to attend a garden party at Buckingham Palace on 10th June. He attended with his elder daughter, Louise. In 2010 and 2011, he was accompanied by his younger daughter, Emma.

Andrew and Louise were simply two guests of a total of 8,000 guests, including diplomats, charity workers and people who had made outstanding achievements of one kind or another. Elected politicians were a minority in the total presence.

The event was not, therefore, a political event – at least not with a capital ‘P’. That is, it was not one in which party policies would have been discussed or even aired.

However, it could be seen as being political with a small ‘p’. In a very subtle way, it committed those who attended to a broad brush image of the British Constitution with its two pillars of Constitutional Monarchy and Parliamentary Democracy.

It would have been inappropriate to have brought party politics into the Palace or its garden, so they were left at the gate of entry. However, Andrew did give an interview to fellow Nationalists over the road from the Palace at the end of the Mall. This was to mark the end of his five year mandate.

He did not make any press announcement to publicise that he would be attending. This might have encouraged a demonstration or incident that would have created extra work for the police and security staff.

Andrew savoured this visit, particularly, because he knew that it would be his last and because it marked the end of his five year mandate.


An interview with Andrew at the Palace can be found here.

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