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The EU has only the resources of its Member States Featured

May 13th 2014: On 16th April at the European Parliament in Strasbourg Andrew Brons made the following speech during a debate on Traditional, VAT - and GNI based own resources - and measures to meet cash requirements. Implementing measures for the system of own resources.

He said:

"Own resources is a rather misleading euphemism. The EU has only the resources of its Member States, so their populations pay taxes perhaps more directly to the EU instead of through the treasuries of Member States.

"One of the purposes might be to disguise which countries are net contributors and which are net recipients, thus obviating the necessity for rebates and correction mechanisms and replacing them by a series of lump-sum payments over the next six years. You also remove from potentially rebellious Member States the power to threaten to withhold contributions from the EU.

"There is also a symbolic - or perhaps a psychological - significance of people paying taxes directly to the EU. It sends a subliminal message to taxpayers that the EU has the status of a state. How will own resources be enforced? By using officials and judges employed by Member States? Or perhaps new EU tax officials and courts will emerge, as though from nowhere."



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