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A vote for UKIP won't change anything Featured

12th May 2014: Last week Andrew sent the following letter to the editors of Britain's national newspapers and those local newspapers covering his Yorkshire constituency.

He wrote:

"The recent report by Policy Exchange that the ethnic minority population will be as high as 30% by 2050 is alarming but regarded with complacency by the Political Class. The additions to the  population of our country are treated as though they became transmogrified into Britons on arrival. It is assumed that they absorb the British culture without changing it. The reverse is the truth. When populations from the Third World enter Britain, they turn parts of Britain into the Third World.

These changes have not simply happened; they are the products of deliberate government policy. Successive Conservative and Labour administrations, with Liberal support, have sought to increase the Third World element in our population.

I hope that nobody is foolish enough to believe that a vote for UKIP will change anything. UKIP leader, Farage on 4th May 2010 (Daily Politics Show) said that we needed 250,000 immigrants each year plus their dependants. In the European Parliament on 11th December 2013, he said, 'Let me make this absolutely clear; UKIP is not an anti-immigration party. We want immigrants; we welcome immigrants'."



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