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UKIP is immune to criticism Featured

6th May 2014: Last week, Andrew Brons wrote the following letter to the editor of the Daily Telegraph.

"The logic in your leader column about UKIP and MEPs’ pensions (21st April) was, at best, elusive.

You rightly condemn the practice of making contributions from the General Expenditure Allowance towards a second pension (The contributions are deducted from the Allowance but there seems to be doubt about whether these amounts are reimbursed by the MEPs in question).

Perhaps your newspaper should ask each MEP elected before 2009 whether he contributes to the second pension and, if he does, whether he has reimbursed his General Expenditure Allowance.

However, you then conclude that Farage and UKIP will profit electorally from this. You admit that Farage is one of those who has contributed to this second pension but you do not say whether or not he has reimbursed the deduction from his General Expenditure Allowance. Have you not asked him?

Farage and UKIP will profit from this scandal only if the media, including the Daily Telegraph, allow them to do so. It seems that UKIP is immune to criticism, even when it is shown to be culpable."

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