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Entering an EU country illegally Featured

17th April 2014: This morning at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Andrew Brons made the following contribution, under the Catch the Eye procedure, to a debate on the detention of illegally staying third party citizens beyond the 18 month time limit.

He said:

"There is a principle in English civil law called, To one who is willing, no harm is done. You cannot sue if you put yourself in danger of loss or injury.

"These illegal immigrants were not kidnapped in their own countries by wicked Europeans who then brought them to Europe and incarcerated them for more than 18 months. They chose to enter an EU country illegally and then avoided being repatriated. Presumably they are free to return to their countries of origin but they refuse to do so.

"Illegal immigrants are usually given a piece of paper ordering them to leave. Those who do not leave need to be held to avoid them disappearing.

"If their stay is a long one, it is usually because of extensive court actions to avoid repatriation.

"While we are talking about a breach of the Returns Directive, we learned in LIBE on 31st March that in 2012 only 37% of those given a returns decision eventually left. The other 63% remained."

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