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European Union's interference in Ukraine Featured

16th April 2014: This morning at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Andrew Brons made the following contribution to a debate on the situation in Ukraine.

He said:

"We are hearing the 1914 language of self-righteous indignation to imply that one side is completely in the right and the other completely in the wrong.

"We might not like Mr Yanukovych (and there is much about him that I don't like, if it is true) but his removal as President did not fall into the categories in Article 108 of the Constitution and the procedure for impeachment in Article 111 did not seem to have been followed.

"The civil disturbances in Ukraine were orchestrated from the EU when Yanukovych rejected the EU trade agreement. This was just as much interference in Ukraine and with less justification as anything that Russia has done to Ukraine.

"The taped conversation of Janet Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt about who should lead Ukraine was evidence of blatant US interference.

"It is all very well to call the referendum held by the Government of the Crimean Autonomous Republic illegal, but no more than the removal of Mr Yanukovych.

"Crimea had traditionally been part of Russia since the 18th century (when the United States was founded) and was so until 1954, when it was handed over by Mr Krushchev, a Soviet leader of Ukrainian descent.

"The recent referendum was hurried and insufficiently debated but the result was hardly ambiguous.

"Large powers like Russia and the United States have what they see as legitimate spheres of interest. The United States was not going to allow Soviet missiles in Cuba in 1962. Russia was not prepared to accept with equanimity another member of the EU and possibly of NATO with its previous and traditional borders.

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Mr Possult the German CSU MEP asked an incomprehensible question to which Andrew replied:

"I could not discover a question among Mr Possult's words. However, I have never defended everything that Mr Putin has said or done with regard to the Ukraine. What I have said is that there has been interference both by the West (the EU and the US) and by Russia in the affairs of Ukraine."

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