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Freedom of movement of goods endangers markets and consumers Featured

15th April 2014:This morning at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Andrew Brons made the following contribution to a debate on product safety and consumer protection.

He said:

"The 2012 Report of RAPEX* reported that there had been a 26% increase in the number of alerts for dangerous products. This was not just the result of greater market surveillance, the Rapporteur said. The number of dangerous products was increasing. Do we know the countries of origin of these goods? There have been some coded hints this morning but only coded hints.

"On 20th January this year, we learned from a debate on a proposed regulation for consumer protection that 58% of notifications for dangerous products related to goods from China and that in a further 16% of cases, it was not possible to identify the country of origin.

"Importation of cheap products from emergent economies does not only undermine our manufacturing bases and the jobs of our workers. It also has the potential for injuring our consumers.

"Freedom of movement of goods, not just within the EU but globally, is the root cause of dangerous goods being in our markets.

"The EU is not so much a European Union as it is becoming a Global Union."

* The Rapid Alert System fort non-food dangerous products.

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