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Andrew addresses his LIBE committee for the final time Featured

13th April 2014: On Thursday at the European Parliament in Brussels, Andrew Brons made his final contribution to a debate in the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee (LIBE) on a European Court of Justice decision nullifying a Directive that called for data to be collected on telephone numbers called, e-mail addresses communicated to and websites visited.

He said:

"Even after the implementation of this ECJ judgment, the danger is that serious or organised crime or terrorism might have been the pretext or even the real reason for collecting data. However, even when the suspicion of crime has been dispelled, the information might be used for another purpose. – to enforce an occupational ban on those with particular political opinions, which exist in many member states. "Did the court ruling consider this point?

"We know that the ECJ ruling will affect only the validity of the Directive and not the national legislation that has been passed under it. Will the ECJ judgment lead to a fresh directive calling on member states to repeal legislation passed under this directive?"



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