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Andrew Brons arrives (fourteen years) too late for Bilderberg Conference Featured

13th April 2014: Andrew could not find rooms at his first choice of hotel in Brussels, so he ended up at the Chateau du Lac, Genval, with one of his assistants, for the LIBE meetings and mini-plenary at the end of March and beginning of April.

The Chateau du Lac is best known in political circles as the venue of the Bilderberg Conference in the year 2000.

Most of the Bilderbergers might have left but who should be lurking around, like a bad smell, in the restaurant at breakfast time, but our very own war criminal Tony Bliar. The hotel was not short of African guests, there being an EU-Africa event scheduled in Brussels. One amiable-looking, suited and booted African, was in close conference with the said Bliar. It crossed Andrew's mind that he might sidle up to Mr. Uhuru, if that should be his name, and warn him to count his fingers after any farewell handshake. However, Mr. Uhuru looked astute enough and Andrew did not want to appear patronising.

I do not know from which country Mr. Uhuru came but if it should have been a war-torn one like the Central African Republic or Mali or South Sudan, Mr. Bliar might have been there to help. He has an approach to pacifying a country that is as unique as it is . . . well murderous.



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