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Not a just a question of sovereignty Featured

10th April 2014: Today at the European Parliament in Brussels, Andrew Brons made the following contribution to a debate in the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee (LIBE) on Protocol 36, Article 10, attached to the Lisbon Treaty about the opt-out of the United Kingdom from 135 measures and the intention to opt back into 35 of these measures (on Justice and Home Affairs).

He said:

"One of the measures that the UK Government has decided that it would like to opt back into is the European Arrest Warrant.

"I was interested in the explanation provided by the Legal Department but I shall not delve into the labyrinth of conditions according to which the UK might or might not be able to opt back in selectively.

"That it wishes to opt back into the European Arrest Warrant is, in my opinion regrettable because the court in the executing country does not have the power to to refuse extradition on the ground of insufficient evidence or indeed a complete lack of evidence. It can refuse extradition only on the grounds of procedure or proportionality.

"This is not a question only of sovereignty. It is a question of justice."



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