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Does it provide value for money? Featured

7th April 2014: Today at the European Parliament in Brussels, Andrew Brons intended to make the following contribution to a debate in the Constitutional Affairs Committee (AFCO) on the European Economic and Social Committee . . . however the debate didn't take place.

Andrew would have said:

"A body that claims to represent economic and occupational interests in an assembly could have all sorts of interesting labels attached to it. Syndicalist would be one of the more politically acceptable ones. Another might create the danger of shock and awe. F-words are always to be avoided in polite company.

"However, leaving the ad hominem abuse aside for the moment, does it perform a useful function? Does it provide value for money?

"It is essentially an intermediary between the institutions of the EU and interests that were already organised and articulate. There is always a danger that intermediaries will not pass on advice, claims and requests, accurately.

"There is also a danger that pleas from interests that were not approved of might be qualified or changed."

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