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Devolution - an attack on the Nation State Featured

7th April 2014: Today at the European Parliament in Brussels, Andrew Brons had intended to make the following contribution to a debate in the Constitutional Affairs Committee (AFCO) on the Committee of the Regions . . . however the debate was not allowed to take place.

Andrew would have said:

"We are used to power - or competences as you would call them - being transferred to the European Union.

"In some cases, the power at EU level is really wanted for exercise there. In others, there is a suspicion that the motivation is not so much to empower the EU as to weaken the nation state.

"The principles of subsidiarity and proximity are often seen as Pro-Nation State principles and sometimes rightly so. However, they can also be used to weaken the nation state from below by encouraging the retention or return of powers to a sub-national level.

"Encouragement of regional devolution that might so easily lead to independence could be seen as an attack on the Nation State from a different direction."

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