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UKIP caught out once more! Featured

7th February 2014: Earlier this week, Andrew Brons sent the following letter to the Editor of the Independent newspaper.

He wrote:

"I am afraid that it was not Nigel Farage who destroyed the British National Party (2nd February 2014). It was its Chairman, Nick Griffin, who expelled or drove to resignation all leading members of the Party and its activists.

Mr Farage has made a similar claim before. On Good Friday 2010 on Any Questions he claimed that he had prevented the BNP from ever becoming a large political party. A couple of months later, in the General Election of 2010, the average vote secured by the BNP was eight votes (yes just eight votes!) higher than the average UKIP vote.

All of the media hype given to UKIP was insufficient to beat the BNP. That task required the personality of Nick Griffin, who did a far better job from within."


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