Tuesday, 01 September 2009 16:43
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Andrew tables a question on welfare of horses

Around 100,000 horses each year are transported across Europe to be slaughtered.

But the current law protecting their welfare in transit has serious legislative shortfalls and is not even enforced in many EU member states.This leads to unnecessary suffering as horses are crammed into poorly equipped vehicles for thousands of miles without rest, food or water. Injuries and disease are common and have been documented by World Horse Welfare.

These journeys are completely unnecessary - one route passes 180 premises which are licensed for the slaughter of horses.These horses should be slaughtered as near as possible to their premises of origin and then transported as meat, not forced to endure such inhumane and totally unnecessary journeys.

World Horse Welfare has launched its Make a Noise campaign calling for eight new welfare recommendations to come into law for horses in transit.

Andrew Brons MEP has tabled a question to the European Commission on this specific issue."Does the Commission have any plans to replace Regulation EC1/2005 governing the transport of horses for slaughter.

"The current law is defective in that it does not prevent horses from being transported long distances without rest, food or water."The existing law is not enforced sufficiently in many states.

"Is the Commission aware of the campaign Make A Noise organised by World Horse Welfare and will it consider including its recommendations in any future legislation?"



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