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Thatcher and the Tories destroyed British manufacturing Featured

16th-17th May 2011: The EU Economy and Competition Policy - This is the last of my various offerings. There was some repetition but then I was addressing a changing audience.
"In 1979, Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and brought with her an eccentric laissez-faire and privatisation policy. She and her successor managed to destroy Britain’s manufacturing industry and sell off basic (publicly owned) utilities to (eventual) foreign ownership. We have hardly any manufacturing left in the U.K.
"Margaret Thatcher has fallen into thoroughly deserved senile retirement. However, I am saddened that the European Union seems to think that her ideas had some merit and now imposes them on member states and even on candidate states. These policies will create Croatian unemployment and an exodus of the young and the mobile."
I gave interviews to Croatian television and radio but I have not heard that they have been broadcast. There has been talk of government interference with the media so that might be an explanation.



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