Monday, 06 July 2009 13:32
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Eviction threat and child support shortfall

Although Andrew Brons does not officially take office as a MEP for the Yorkshire region until 17th July, he has already helped one of his constituents.

A mother and her son were facing eviction from their North Yorkshire council home because of rent arrears accrued after a period of domestic upheaval which led to an imbalance in the payment of her child support benefit. The lady was also being treated for depression because of her relationship break-up and this led to her being distracted from dealing with her growing financial difficulties.

She contacted her MP but received no assistance, so she asked Andrew Brons for help in keeping her home and regularising her child support payments.

Andrew wrote to the ladyís borough councillor and set out the background to the case. He finished his letter:

"I do not wish to intrude into matters that are not my concern. I am quite content for you to deal with the matter as her elected representative on the appropriate authority. However, I am not prepared to see her evicted without receiving any support."

The MEP also contacted the Child Support Agency and told them:

"My constituent makes child support payments to her former partner for the upkeep of her daughter and this is deducted from her income, yet she receives no payment from the father of her son for his upkeep. This imbalance has resulted in the lady concerned not having enough to live on, which led to her rent arrears and now imminent eviction."

Andrew's intervention got a result within days. The eviction notice was lifted and the Child Support Agency adjusted its payments accordingly.

"I am delighted to have been able to help," said Andrew. "I think this shows that an MEP can have some influence and authority in matters that are not essentially their remit."

"I'm here to help my constituents and I shall leave no stone unturned when looking after their interests."


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